sasa started because we believe in the connectedness of the entire planet. Through this connection, your jewelry can have a positive impact throughout the entire supply chain. Traditional jewelry supply chains have long been rooted in environmental destruction and human exploitation. sasa is doing things differently. We are committed to transparency in sourcing and working only with other like minded people. 

sasa is ditching diamonds for colored gemstones. While many consumers are aware of certified conflict free diamonds, this certification does not acknowledge the environmental or labor impact. While we could source recycled diamonds, we feel that this only encourages the demand for newly mined diamonds.We enjoy sharing the country of origin and who cut our gemstones because it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get these answers for diamonds and it is truly the only way to know our own impact on environment and communities across the world. 

All of the gemstones we source can be traced to their origin (sometimes even to the person who mined the stone)! Most of our gemstones are precision cut by people around the US, not mass cut. All design and fabrication takes place in Brooklyn by Sarah Malim and in NYC by a few small family-owned jewelry businesses.

Gold mining almost predominantly uses the toxin mercury. sasa pieces are cast only with certified recycled gold or Fairmined gold. Fairmined gold is mined without mercury and has high environmental and labor standards. While using recycled gold contributes to a circular economy, using Fairmined gold helps entire mining communities thrive.