the sasa mission

at sasa, we believe in the connectedness of the entire planet.

We’re invested in moving away from the environmental destruction and human exploitation that the jewelry industry has long been part of. sasa is doing things differently because we recognize our responsibility to put the planet first, while also facilitating equity for the people throughout the industry.

When you shop sasa, you invest in quality and responsibility.

the sasa standards


Traditional jewelry supply chains have long been rooted in environmental destruction and human exploitation. sasa is doing things differently. We are committed to transparency in sourcing and production.

All of the gemstones we source can be traced to their origin (sometimes even to the person who mined the stone)! Most of our gemstones are precision cut by people around the US, not mass produced. All design and fabrication takes place in Bozeman, MT by Sarah and in NYC by a select few of family-owned jewelry artisans and manufacturers.


At sasa it is our responsibility to put the planet first, while also facilitating equity for the people throughout the industry.

This is achieved through ethical practices and materials. While ethical is a common buzz word for sustainablity (often with no real meaning other than to green-wash) we have come to define it as standards that ensure human and environmental well being. These practices are ever evolving while we grow and understand our impact but are currently implemented through small batch production, traceable and fair trade Gemstones, recycled and handmade packaging, and 100% recycled gold or fairmined gold.


sasa believes in the connectedness of the entire planet. By recognizing and fostering this connection, jewelry can have a positive impact throughout the entire supply chain.

This is not just the connection between business and buyer but the interconnection of the earth, the artisional miners, the makers, and even you. What you buy has complex effects around the world and we hope to encourage productive purchases over destructive consumption.

Ethical Materials

Traceable Gemstones
sasa is ditching diamonds for colored gemstones. While many consumers are aware of certified conflict free diamonds, this certification does not acknowledge the environmental or labor impact. While we could source recycled diamonds, we feel that this only encourages the demand for newly mined diamonds. We enjoy sharing the country of origin and who cut our gemstones because it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get these answers for diamonds and it is truly the only way to know our own impact on the environment and communities across the world.

100% Recycled Gold
sasa pieces are cast only with certified recycled gold or fairmined gold. Using recycled gold contributes to a circular economy, ensuring minimal waste and continued use of materials over generations. Our caster has undergone an audit by the Scientific Global Services (SCS) to certify that the gold grain used for casting is 100% recycled content.

Fairmined Gold
Gold mining almost predominantly uses the toxin mercury. Fairmined gold is mined without mercury and has high environmental and labor standards. Using fairmined gold impacts entire mining communities by providing livable wages and safe working conditions. Our caster is a fairmined licensee that certifies their gold casting grain comes from small-scale mining organizations that ensure responsible mining and business practices. While we primarily use recycled gold, we are also creating pieces with fairmined gold to create jewelry with a positive social and environmental story.


sasa pieces are shipped in 100% recycled boxes and sealed with fully compostable tape. Our ring boxes and pouches are hand made from new material so we encourage you to keep these to proctect your pieces when you aren't wearing them. When viable recycled ring boxes and pouches are available we will update this aspect of our packaging. Progess over perfection!